72 Percent of Europeans Have Broadband, Find Out Where Your Country Stands

The number went up dramatically in the past three years

The European Commission has released its latest internet coverage data for the EU. Overall, it shows a clear trend towards the internet becoming ubiquitous, though there are still big gaps between the various member states.

Still, as of 2012, 72 percent of households in the EU have a broadband connection, out of a total of 76 percent of households with any kind of internet connection.

The highest internet penetration number in the EU is in the Netherlands with 94 percent coverage. When it comes to broadband, Sweden leads with 87 percent coverage.

There's no country with less than half of households having an internet connection, Romania is at the bottom with 50 percent broadband coverage, out of a 54 percent total, along with Bulgaria and Greece with 51 percent, out of 51 and 54 percent total.

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