5 Million Visit the Spectacular Chrome Web Lab Exhibit at the London Science Museum

Though only 200,000 did it in person, the rest were on the web

Part of the reason why Google Chrome became the most popular browser in the world is because Google has been great at promoting it. Chrome ads are always fun and rarely look like ads. Google's also done plenty to bring attention to Chrome without actually doing advertising, at least not in the traditional sense.

The best example of this, perhaps, is the Chrome Web Lab exhibition, the first of its kind. On the one hand, it's an interesting and very real set of installations at the London Science Museum.

On the other hand, it's a website that makes the most out of HTML5 while also tapping into the physical installations. In that sense, the Web Lab has had five million visitors since it went live six months ago.

Most of those were online, but 200,000 people actually went to the exhibit to experience it first hand, as The Next Web found.

The exhibit is running for another six months in London, but its future after that is uncertain. Google could relocate the installations to another museum, perhaps in the US or somewhere else in Europe.

The Web Lab could continue in some new form, with a physical component though not necessarily one in a museum. Or Google could simply go on to do other things.

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