5,000 New Stock Photos in Google Drive

The new images are available in all of the Google Drive editors

Google Drive is getting a big helping of new stock photos. 5,000 more photos are now available for anyone looking for something to include in their documents, presentations or even spreadsheets.

The stock photo option was introduced earlier this year and it proved popular with some people. Users wanted more to choose from, though, and Google listened to them.

"Thanks to your suggestions, 5,000 new photos of nature, weather, animals, sports, food, education, technology, music and 8 other categories are now available," Google explained.

The stock photos section is built into Google Drive, simply go to Insert > Image in any of the editors, click on Search and select the Stock Images section.

Google decided to expand the selection several months ago and asked users for input on what should be included. Based on that input and suggestions, the new categories were picked.

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