4chan's Moot Debuts Cute Drawing App DrawQuest to Inspire Creativity in Adults

The app sets a new challenge, or quest, every day

Chris Poole, aka moot of the infamous 4chan, is well known in plenty of places and is a god among men on 4chan itself, but he's an entrepreneur at heart.

He built 4chan when he was very young and he's been involved with several other projects since. A few years ago, he set out to create a tool dedicated to the remixing culture, Canvas.

The site made it easy to mash up photos or create something new, yet Poole found that most people didn't really want to create because they didn't think of themselves as being creators.

His latest creation, DrawQuest, an iPad app, aims to change that. It wants to spur people into drawing more by making it a challenge. He says constraints are better at inspiring people to do something rather than complete freedom.

The app will come with a daily challenge, asking you to draw something specific. It's not a competition per se, but users will be able to submit their creations for others to enjoy.

Despite the cute graphics, the app is aimed at adults rather than kids. The app is available now, but it's still in the early stages as more features are in the works.


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