4chan Founder Asks Company to Give Up “Moot” Name

Christopher Poole's lawyers have sent a "cease and desist" letter to Moot.It

Christopher Poole, the founder of the world renowned discussion forum 4chan, has used the “moot” nickname since 2003. Now, he is hoping to convince an Oregon-based startup company, Moot.It, not to use it.

According to BetaBeat, Poole’s lawyers have sent a cease and desist letter to Moot.It representatives, “respectfully” asking them to give up the name.

They underscore the fact that the “moot” name is utilized by 4chan’s founder for publicity purposes, often being associated with him and the forum. They assume that users will be confused and believe that their client is associated with Moot.It, which promises to “reimagine forums and commenting.”

Although they argue that the letter they sent to Moot.It is not a cease and desist notice, they did hint to the fact that they will take this to the next level if necessary.

In the meantime, Moot.It doesn’t seem to be too willing to let go of the name, at least not without a (legal) fight.

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