4chan Celebrates Its Billionth Post

Users are posting some one million things every day

4chan, the greatest or the worst thing that happened to the internet, depending on your point of view, has something to celebrate, its billionth post. One billion things have been posted to the site, only to be forgotten, or at least deleted, within hours if not sooner.

The ephemeral nature of the site doesn't mean it can't celebrate milestones like these. Its creator, the revered Moot, made the announcement on Twitter.

"4chan passed 1 billion total posts yesterday. Unfortunately we don't know what it was, but you can use your imagination..." he said.

The site sees some one million posts per day, coming from 1.4 million people, at this point so the next billion should be coming sooner than the first one. Despite being a tad anachronistic today, with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so on and so forth, 4chan is as popular as ever. In fact, it may be that because it's anachronistic it's so popular.

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