24 Cities Got New 45 Degree Aerial Imagery in Google Maps

Already the second imagery update for Google Maps in 2012

Google is wasting no time in updating imagery in Google Maps. Already, it's at its second update of the year for aerial imagery. 24 cities now boast new images to provide a fresher perspective.

Most are in the US, but there are several cities in Europe and one in South America as well, in Brazil.

"The second 45° imagery update of 2012 includes new imagery for 17 U.S. and 7 international locations in Google Earth and Google Maps," Bernd Steinert, Geo Data Specialist at Google, announced.

The full list of cities is available in the announcement. Among the more interesting locations is Porto Alegre, in Brazil, the only city from the Southern hemisphere to get an update, and Ulm in Germany.

A little over a week ago, Google Maps got updated satellite imagery in 120 countries and aerial imagery in several locations.

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