13 Companies Want .app Domain - Top Most Coveted New TLDs

Hundreds of companies are fighting over almost 2,000 new domains

The top level domain gold rush is in full swing. ICANN has revealed the full list of applications for new TLDs. Over 500 companies and organizations are fighting for the chance to get their hands on one or, in the case of Google, 100 new domains.

Anyone, provided it could pay the upfront and non-returnable fee, could have applied for any domain out there at this stage and plenty of companies did. In fact, some top-level domains have proved quite coveted.

.app is wanted by 13 companies including Amazon and Google, though not Apple. In fact, Apple only wants .apple.

.home is the second most wanted TLD tied with .inc, each with 11 applications. .art is surprisingly desired, 10 different organizations would want to get their hands on it.

From there, a number of generic terms have proven the most alluring, .blog, .book, .shop, .music, .love, .web and so on.

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