100 GB of Free Google Drive Storage with the New Acer Chromebook

All files remain in the cloud for as long as you want

Google has announced that Acer is adding a new device to the Chromebook family (Acer C7), one that is eligible for 100 GB of free storage space on Google Drive.

The validity of the cloud storage is limited to two years, starting the date you redeem your offer. This is more than plenty for most users, especially when you consider the 320GB hard disk drive available on Acer C7 Chromebook.

Other devices eligible for this offer are Samsung Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 and Samsung Chromebox Series 3.

Another prerequisite for taking advantage of the 100GB of cloud storage is to run Chrome OS 23 or later.

After the two-year period expires, you will still be able to access, download and share your data, but new files can no longer be added unless you buy more storage.

The battery life for the new Chromebook is of 3.5 hours, a lot less than the other devices, but the price is also lower, at $199 (currently available on Google Play US and UK). Full specifications available here.

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