10,000 Muslims Protest in Front of Google’s London Headquarters

People with a lot of free time on their hands are not exclusive to the Arab world

With great power comes great responsibility. That sounds like something Yoda would say, but it's actually from Spider-Man. Well, it's actually by Voltaire, but it doesn't really matter, it's true nonetheless. That's something Google knows full well and it's something it deals with regularly.

More recently though, the Muslim hate video that has stirred up a lot of controversy and violence around the world was probably one of the toughest things YouTube and Google by extension had to deal with.

In the end, Google decided to keep the video on the site, saying that it doesn't violate its policies, but it has blocked in countries where it would have been illegal.

That was not enough for many, while protests in the Arab world aren't exactly uncommon they weren't restricted to that part of the world.

10,000 Muslims gathered in front of Google's London offices to ask for the video to be taken down. It's the third protest of its kind there and the biggest. It's not going to be the last either.

Apparently, to some people, the thought of something they don't like "existing" somewhere on the internet is too much to bear. It must be nice to have the kind of free time you need to go "protesting."

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