1.1 Billion Photos Uploaded to Facebook on New Year's Alone, but Instagram Is Close

Facebook's still king in online photos, but Instagram is growing fast

Facebook's Instagram recently started revealing some stats, to put to rest rumors that it was bleeding users. Among those was the number of photos people upload on average every day, 40 million of them, that's almost one photo for every two users.

40 million photos in one day is great, it's actually a lot more than most if not all other photo sharing and hosting services out there get. That is, of course, with the exception of Facebook.

With over 240 billion photos already, Facebook is the undisputed king, with absolutely no competition. It's no surprise then that the site got 1.1 billion photos over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Granted, that's over two days, but it's still 550 million photos per day, breaking last year's record of 844 million photos in the same time period.

It's not fair to compare Facebook's New Year numbers with Instagram's average day numbers, Facebook users upload 300 million photos on a regular day. That's still a lot more than what Instagram is seeing, but closer than you might have expected.

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